Discover our yurts

The yurt is a place of life which possesses numerous symbols, the Mongolian are very attached to the tradition and to the respect for this one.
Some of these traditions get lost little today but a thing does not change: the legendary hospitality of the Mongolian.

It is with the same hospitality that we welcome you all year long in our yurts.

Bienvenue – Welcome from Mer et Yourtes on Vimeo.


Contactez-nous au 06 88 45 29 67 pour connaître les disponibilités de notre village de Yourtes.

Sachez que nous avons aussi deux autres villages basés à côté du Mont St Michel et de St Malo.


Desire to get fresh ideas to you ? Join our village Sea and Yurts the time of a weekend or one week and escape in a frame disorienting in 5 minutes of the sea. Reservations by telephone +33 6 88 45 29 67.